Engaging stakeholders on carbon farming


The Farms4Climate project periodically organises engagement sessions and disseminations event to raise awareness on the challenges and opportunities for carbon farming. Two of them are described below.

Carbon Farming conference in Murcia, Spain

On November 16th 2022, at the "Local Development Agency" of the City Council of Murcia, the first Conference on Carbon Agriculture in the province of Murcia was held, aimed at unifying the voices of the sector to unlock a broad adoption of best climate adaptation practices in regional farming systems.

The event was organised by Soluciones Agrícolas Ecoinnovadoras (SAE), and brought together scientists, farmers' associations, bankers, regional regulatory agencies and innovation and technology companies. Each sector had 10 minutes to present their vision of carbon farming. This was followed by two round tables debating and involvement of the audience during the Q&A session.

AperiCarbon in Piacenza, Italy

AperiCarbon is an event entirely dedicated to scientific dissemination, where experts and researchers face the challenges of modern agriculture in a constructive and participatory manner over an aperitif, and offer insights, ideas, experiences for a paradigm shift towards regenerative agriculture.

The central element of AperiCarbon is the so-called "POAR" (Italian acronym for Operational Protocols for Regenerative Agriculture), defined as the agronomic paths tailored for farmers to easier the adoption of a series of practices, machinery and technologies specific to regenerative and digital agriculture.

It brings an opportunity to show case preliminary results in terms of soil carbon sequestration obtained thanks to a series of POARs that the network of farmers in Piacenza has co-designed with universities, producer organisations and contractors and is co-implementing on a farm scale, as those included in F4C. Ah, and it is a great opportunity to taste local products together with a good wine!